We are expert in high-quality merchandising, displays, windows decoration, branded gifts and packaging.

An experienced team with strong factories partnerships


An experienced team with strong factories partnerships.

We have been working with brands and agencies focusing on merchandising, displays, windows decoration, branded gifts and packaging for the past 10 years. We combine an experienced team with solid partnerships with factories which give competitive pricing.

Competitive pricing

Working for several years hand to hand with factories allows us to benefit from the best possible prices.

High standards

Thanks to our extensive experience with the luxury industry, we are able to provide the highest quality in everything we do.

Global facilities

We strive for the best and our high-end facilities in Asia are now completed with a worldwide offer.


Our mission is supported by our commercial and ethical company values.

As employer

As employer, we value every single employee. We invest heavily in our workforce and encourage internal promotion to create a team of specialist.

As supplier

As supplier, we ensure that our partnership factories are strictly monitored to ensure all working practices are in line with this philosophy and that all social compliance standards are met. We commit that our products are manufactured under acceptable, safe, and fair working conditions.


Thanks to our extensive experience with the luxury industry, we are able to provide the highest quality in everything we do.


Trays, price tag holders, LED stripes, magnetic signage, electronic parts, suction pads, etc.

We also provide spare parts for all merchandising systems and anything that will make your clients stopping by your products.


Metal plate, metal wire, MDF, solid wood, acrylic, resin, injected and vacuum thermoforming processes, etc...

PNP AGENCY has developed and manufactured thousands of displays using a wide range of materials and processing formats. We work hand in hand with you to ensure that your brand creates the best impression.

windows decoration

We supply various decorative elements for shop windows from wallpapers to statues to make shops irresistibly attractive.

Competition is fierce in the mall’s alleys. Imagination knows no boundaries and our team can handle any type of request.

Branded Gift

Our recent work includes cosmetic bags, scented candles, seasonal decorations, reusable wipes, robes, etc...

Rewarding customers is key for brands. Our gifts department works on the forefront to supply gift ideas to clients which meet durability and desirability goals. Do not hesitate to challenge us!


We have successful experience in making luxury wooden boxes for cigars and perfume, easy-to-assemble FSC cardboard boxes, recycled paper shopping bags, and so on.

Packaging is no longer a simple wrap with a logo. Consumers want reusable bags, decorative boxes, recycled cardboards. And they are right.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring social compliance throughout the supply chain is only a matter of will.

With strict process from factories sourcing to establishing partners, through social audits and during-production inspection, we promote and control social standards all the way to your warehouse.

The highest social standards apply to us first thing first. We encourage skills training and internal promotions. We periodically survey our human resources practices as well as work wellbeing and work safety.

As our most recent social commitment, we wish to be useful for the community not only through direct employment but by joining forces with local associations and developing partnerships with suppliers in disadvantaged zones, such as “zone de redynamisation rurale” in France.

Building a Greener Tomorrow

Promoting sustainable processes and eco-conscious materials is part of our creative development on the same level as developing appealing looks. Solutions are plenty!

From eco-plastics (made from recycled sources or organic waste) to eco-resins (made from production waste), reducing our environmental footprint is a matter of creativity.

Knocked-down assembly and flat packing are a nice way to reduce shipping costs and carbon impact all at once. With better planning, opting for so-called “slow freight” offers the same benefits.

Producing closer to the point of consumption is part of our new business development strategy. We help to create local employment while reducing transportation usage as well as delivery timelines.


A project? A suggestion? Want to work together? We would love to hear from you!

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