POS / POP Material

Point of Sales displays are an effective way to influence FMCG sales and to contribute to the improvement of your brand awareness, yet without stretching your promotional budget. PnP Agency has tried, tested, developed and manufactured thousands of individual and different POS displays using a wide range of materials and processing formats, such as: metal plate, metal wire, MDF, solid wood, acrylic, injected and vacuum thermoforming processes… We can also provide spare parts for POS / POP Displays: LED, magnetic, electronic, suction pad, etc. We will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your brand creates the best impression.

Get our expert POS / POP advice to help your product stand out against the competition.


Promotional Items

One of the biggest problems for a business is finding a way to keep it in the forefront of your clients’, and potential clients’ minds. Business cards and leaflets are too disposable! Having our finger continually on the pulse of the promotional products industry, you will always have access to the hottest, newest, and most creative promotional items when you partner with PnP agency!

Our selection of imprinted merchandise includes everything from tote bags and apparel, to calendars and writing instruments. No matter what your budget, deadline, or promotional project is, we have the products you need to achieve your goals and successfully promote you and your products or services!

 Printing Solutions

PnP Agency has successfully completed projects for clients worldwide, ranging from the printing of 100,000 packaging units to just 100catalogues!

Innately aware of the importance of quality and timing as the cornerstones of a successful business relationship, PnP Agency adopts this approach to every single project, and every single client – every single time. It is vital you feel 100% confident in PnP Agency.