For the last decade, PnP agency has been working with many major brands and retailers focusing solely on their precise needs to ensure we deliver what we promise, time after time, with no exception.

We have successfully established the capability to provide quality products through continued experience – business stands still for no one and advancements in technology mean the world of printing is ever changing. We are constantly adapting to these changes to ensure you reap the reward through increased efficiency and profitability.

The perfect combination of a very experienced team and established direct connections to a large number of partner factories in Asia gives us a distinct advantage. Today we can swiftly and economically manufacture and manage the roll out of POS / POP materials, promotional products, barware items, packaging, and general printing solutions.


Our mission is supported by our commercial and ethical company values:

We know the only way to establish a successful long-term relationship is through trust. At PnP Agency, we are not interested in competing for your business on a one-off basis, we prefer longer-lasting working relationships.

As employers, we value every single employee, a team is only as strong as its weakest link, and at PnP we don’t believe we have one. We invest heavily in our workforce and encourage internal promotion to create a team of specialist for our 3 main activities, POS/POP materials, promotional items and Printing. We like our senior members of staff to know the business from the ground floor up. We believe in rewarding staff for their hard work, and we encourage them to both enjoy their work, but also their life beyond work. We encourage our employees to be proactive, to become involved with the business in a proactive manner, and above all, to be honest.

As suppliers, we acknowledge and respect the demand from our clients that our products are manufactured under acceptable, safe, and fair working conditions. All our partnership factories are strictly monitored to ensure all working practices are in line with this philosophy and that all social compliance standards are met.