In today’s age, product design is the new currency of innovation to create and build brand value from the inside out. For this, Brand packaging becomes the spotlight. Packaging is more than just a pretty box.

We are the longest running industry in China, offering best packaging solutions with subject to Product Center Branding. During our years of experience designing and developing products, we have developed unique and A-1 design research tools to understand consumer behavior and the way consumers make buying decisions. We take special care in the manufacturing process, shipping, and density on the shelf. We have a supply chain know-how working with material suppliers, printers and co-packers.

Branding packaging and Innovative packaging Capabilities
Brand Strategy
Corporate and Product Naming
Logo Development
Packaging Graphics
Materials Selection
Structural Package Design
High-Fidelity Prototyping
Consumer Testing
Food-safe Packaging

Pnp’s Principles of Packaging Design

Stop-ability:- Stops the customers, grabs their attention, building brand buzz and increasing opportunities.

Shop-ability: – Making the product sell itself.

Sustainability: – Knowledge and experience to strike the balance between efficient and cost-effective packaging that meets sustainability requirements.

We offer:-
Enhanced Performance
Resource & Energy Optimization
Safe and Clean Production
Community Benefit
Economical price
Effective Recovery

We take the entire package life cycle into account. We ensure design efficiency and effectiveness on all fronts.